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Fast food restaurants change with the times

A Hillsboro McDonald's and Tigard Burgerville are among local quick service restaurants that are changing their looks.

Shared Housing program shuts down

The Shared Housing program for Ecumenical Ministries is shutting down a service that helped people rent rooms at reduced prices, due to Portland city budget cuts.

GOP seeks $150M tax break for biz owners

Oregon Republicans are seeking a $150 million tax break for some business owners to protect them from the state's high income tax.

3 in 10 foreclosed Oregon homes are vacant

Almost 3 of 10 Oregon homes in foreclosure are empty despite still belonging to the homeowners.

Metro wants to tap tourism fund for HQ hotel

Metro officials are considering redistributing money from a tourism fund to win support for a headquarters hotel at the Oregon Convention Center.

Oregon gives $2M to Portland traffic projects

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved $2 million to fund four Portland-area road projects to boost economic growth.

Oregon investigating massive bumblebee deaths

The State of Oregon is investigating thousands of dead bumblebees found in a parking lot in Wilsonville.