Must Reads

New Relic has more experience than many other Portland startups

San Francisco-based New Relic employs about 70 in Portland, and expects that number to grow to 200 in the next couple years.

Pop-up businesses get started in small spaces

Pop-up shops, temporary businesses in borrowed or rented spaces, are gaining traction in Eugene and elsewhere.

Business Oregon proposes tax credit overhaul

Business Oregon is proposing an overhaul of the tax credits that Oregon extends to manufacturers.

Powell's COO becomes CEO

Emily Powell is stepping down as CEO of Powell's Books, and COO Miriam Sontz is replacing her.

Hitachi expanding in Hillsboro

Hitachi High Technologies America is expanding in Hillsboro, adding 30 engineers.

Nike joins NASA in green innovation group

Nike is a member of LAUNCH, a group including NASA and the U.S. Department of State.

Oregon Legislature could still approve tax increase

Republicans and Democrats could still come to a compromise on tax increases before the June 30 deadline.