Must Reads

Manufacturing propels Oregon to top 3 in growth of GDP

Oregon's 2012 GDP growth was 3.95 percent, slower only than North Dakota and Texas.

Pacific Seafood has good news for workers after fire

Workers will continue to receive pay and benefits after the fire in Warrenton.

ODOT cites eminent domain for Bend land

The Oregon Department of Transportation wants Les Schwab Tire Centers to sell land needed for a $45 million overhaul of U.S. Highway 97.

Precision flyer warns about moving jobs to Mexico

An unsigned flier distributed to workers voting on unionization suggests the company will send work to Mexico.

Portland startup Meridian sold for $26M

According to a regulatory filing, Meridian Apps was sold for nearly $26 million  to a California company.

Xzeres will sell turbines to British wind company

Wilsonville’s Xzeres Corp. said Thursday it has struck a deal to sell 1,000 of its wind turbines to a British company.

Washington state dairy recalls raw milk

Due to E. coli contamination, a raw milk dairy in Washington state has issued a recall.