Must Reads

Pelican Brewing expands to Tillamook

Pacific City's Pelican Brewing is opening a $1.4M brewery in downtown Tillamook. Gov. Kitzhaber's office helped with a $150,000 forgivable loan.

Oregon helps pot dispensaries go legit

The Oregon Legislature approved new regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries, part of a larger effort to legitimize hundreds of dispensaries that are currently operating in a legal gray area.

Portland beekeepers breeding a stronger queen

Last winter, 40% of beehives in the Portland urban area died, similar to losses around the country. Now, two Northeast Portland beekeepers are working to breed a queen bee that can survive harsh Portland winters.

NW Natural reaches cleanup deal

Northwest Natural Gas reached an agreement with the Oregon Public Utility Commission on how to charge ratepayers for Portland Harbor cleanup costs. The gas company manufactured gas near the St. Johns Bridge between 1913 and 1956, and now has to recover pollution cleanup costs from current ratepayers.

Oregonians pay 10 times more for prescription drugs

Oregonians have paid 10 times more for top-selling prescription drugs due to deals between drug manufacturers to delay generics.

Trellis Earth Products moving manufacturing to U.S.

Wilsonville-based Trellis Earth Products is moving its manufacturing plant from China to Rochester, N.Y.

Portland residents may get electricity rate increases

Portland-area residents will probably pay more for their electricity next year.