Must Reads

Job market looking alive

The latest U.S. job market reports indicate that layoffs fell, unemployment stayed low, and private hiring rose.

State officials propose mileage tax for fuel efficient vehicles

Oregon officials are proposing an alternative tax for drivers of efficient or electric vehicles instead of gasoline taxes.

PTC extension helps sustainable Oregon businesses

Congress approved a one-year extension of the federal Production Tax Credit, a key incentive for Oregon wind energy developers.

Oregon organic farmers seek genetically modified crop ban

Supporters of a Jackson County ban on genetically modified crops filed signatures without he county clerk to put a measure on the ballot.

Oregon seeks 10,000 residents due foreclosure settlement payments

Two weeks before the deadline, 10,000 Oregonians eligible for payments from a nationwide foreclosure settlement haven't filed claims.

Short-term vacation rooms on the rise

As many as 1,000 Portland homeowners rent out rooms and homes through websites like They are not licensed and are not paying required hotel/motel taxes.

ShopIgniter co-founder steps aside

Co-founder Alan Wizemann will remain on the board of ShopIgniter, but is stepping aside as chief product officer to be a consultant for Target.