Must Reads

Kitzhaber wants to add 200,000 to Oregon Health Plan

Gov. John Kitzhaber's proposed expansion to the Oregon Health Plan could cover more Oregonians if his budget gets through the Legislature.

Oregon lawmakers consider a sales tax

Three Oregon politicians are saying it's time to add a 5% sales tax to the state's tax plan.

Portland trash falls 38 percent

Changes to Portland's trash and recycling pickups led to a 38% drop in garbage picked up over the last year.

Convention Center hotel plans firm up

Proposed plans for a Hyatt hotel at the Oregon Convention Center are being released, even when its political outlook is uncertain.

Umpqua moves up fourth-quarter dividends

Umpqua Bank's parent said it would move up its fourth-quarter dividend ahead of a possible tax increase for investors.

Digimarc buys e-book piracy-fighting company

Beaverton-based Digimarc will pay $5.6 million for Attributor Corp., a company designed to authenticate e-books and fight online piracy.

Sodaville quarry expansion concerns neighbors

The Linn County Planning Commission is taking public comment on a controversial request to expand a rock quarry operation in Sodaville.