Must Reads

Sherwood approves business regulatory committee

Prompted by a controversial new Walmart, Sherwood created a committee that gives residents the power to regulate big box owners.

Weather affecting cherry harvests

Recent rain and the current heat wave are hurting the early and mid-season Northwest cherry harvest.

Oregon Zoo breaks attendance record

The Oregon Zoo had more than 1.67 million visitors last year, a record for its 125-year history.

Lane County workers brave the heat

A slew of Lane County workers are outside in the heat despite the recent heat wave.

Oregon employers find jobs hard to fill

Nearly half of the vacant jobs in Oregon are classified as "difficult to fill," according to a new report by the Employment Department.

Oregon Senate bans canola in Willamette Valley

The Oregon Senate passed House Bill 2427, largely banning the growing of canola in the Willamette Valley until January 2019.

Galois wins $8.1M Air Force contract

Portland's Galois won an $8.1 million contract to research and develop cyberwar plans with the Air Force.