Must Reads

Portland collects more than $7M in arts tax

The deadline to pay Portland’s Arts Tax on time has passed.

EV driving costs 96 cents per gallon, DOE website says

A new U.S. government tool shows a typical EV in Oregon could go as far on 96 cents worth of electricity as a similar vehicle could on a gallon of unleaded gasoline.

Pacific Seafood to relocate at Tongue Point

The Pacific Coast Seafood employees will be temporarily relocating to the Del Mar Seafoods facility at North Tongue Point by the end of the week.

Klamath Tribes put out call for historic water rights

The move will likely cut off irrigation water to hundreds of cattle ranchers and farmers in the upper basin this summer.

Logging protest legislation advances

Two bills designed to curb protests by environmental activists who interfere with logging in state forests appear headed to opposite fates this legislative session.

Hepatitis A outbreak linked to Oregon berry processor grows

Federal health officials said Tuesday that 87 people have become ill in eight states.

Green Sports Alliance expands board, membership

Leaders at the Portland-based organization revealed this month they’ve added 40 new teams and venues as members.