Must Reads

Portland home prices jump

Portland home prices rose 12.5% in May from a year ago, and 2.2% from April.

LTE coverage expands in Portland

T-Mobile added LTE wireless Internet service in the Portland area, and Sprint's buildout is nearly complete.

Oregon gets new mortgage aid program

The Home Rescue Program begins taking applications this week from Oregonians that are facing foreclosure. The program will cover up to a year of mortgage payments.

Kitzhaber endorses grand bargain

Gov. Kitzhaber intends to broker a "grand bargain" to cut public-pension costs and add education aid.

Rudy Crew held 25 jobs in 40 years

Oregon's former chief education officer Rudy Crew's resume shows a work history with many jobs, and a tendency to skip around from job to job.

Improving economy means bigger Street of Dreams

The 38th annual Street of Dreams holds many signs that Oregon's economy is improving.

Kitzhaber to sign mug shot law

Gov. Kitzhaber is scheduled to sign House Bill 3467, a bill that puts new rules on websites that host mug shots.