Must Reads

Oregon losing timber money

The U.S. Forest Service will take a portion of the timber payments it has promised or paid due to federal budget cuts.

Klamath water conflict continues

Cattle ranchers and hay farmers are caught up in a water supply fight with American Indians, farmers and environmentalists in the Klamath Basin.

Portland homebuying slows

The fast-paced real estate market has slowed slightly in Portland.

Oregon struggling with juniper invasion

Juniper is spreading quickly in Oregon, creating numerous environmental problems.

Portland movie theaters evolve

Portland's small independent movie theaters evolve to survive.

Mentor Graphics reports another record quarter

Mentor Graphics shares rose after the Wilsonville company reported another quarter of record revenue.

Oregon is the least expensive state to own a car

Oregon is the least expensive state to own a car, based on the cost of repairs, insurance premium, gas, taxes and fees.