Must Reads

Oregon unions face challenges

In Oregon, union membership accounts for almost 16% of workers in the state, at 240,000 people. Nationwide, union memberships are 11.3% of workers.

Autzen Stadium cooking oil becomes biodiesel

Used cooking oil from the University of Oregon's Autzen Stadium is shipped to Salem and converted into biodiesel.

Eugene companies worried about colony collapse

Many Eugene companies are being affected by the environmental threats that are causing bee colony die-offs.

Boneyard Beer opening second Bend location

Boneyard Beer is opening a second location in Bend that is three times larger than their current one. They plan to more than double their annual production of 15,000 barrels.

UO drops licensing change

The University of Oregon dropped a change to its trademark policy that would have affected small apparel makers.

Portland-area McMansions return

Now that the housing market is recovering, builders are adding developments of large custom "McMansions" again.

Marijuana policy won't affect Oregon

New U.S. Justice Department guidance on marijuana won't mean any changes in Oregon.