Must Reads

PDX bans clearcutting ads

The Portland International Airport banned ads by Oregon Wild as part of a campaign to defeat a Congressional bill to increase logging on federal forests.

Ashland tightens tourist rental rules

The Ashland City Council approved new laws requiring property owners to have land-use approval, a business license and to pay a hotel tax if they want to rent to tourists for short stays.

Stayton building material plant plans halted

Plans to open a GreenFLEX building material plant in Stayton have fallen through.

Clark County food bank shipments from Oregon end

A monthly distribution of produce to the Clark County Food Bank is ending.

Obama could veto logging bill

The White House says it could veto a bill to boost logging on national forests.

Oregon household earnings up

Oregon was one of only a few states where household earnings went up in 2012, according to a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Kitzhaber calls special session

Gov. John Kitzhaber plans to call Oregon lawmakers into a special session on Sept. 30.