Must Reads

Senate approves timber payments

The Senate approved a proposal to extend federal timber payments to Oregon counties.

Health insurance causing rate shock

As the first wave of notices about health reform changes go out, some Oregonians are experiencing rate shock.

Google could get new tax breaks in The Dalles

In exchange for investing $200 million in a new data center in The Dalles, Google will get a new package of tax breaks worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

PDX bans clearcutting ads

The Portland International Airport banned ads by Oregon Wild as part of a campaign to defeat a Congressional bill to increase logging on federal forests.

Ashland tightens tourist rental rules

The Ashland City Council approved new laws requiring property owners to have land-use approval, a business license and to pay a hotel tax if they want to rent to tourists for short stays.

Stayton building material plant plans halted

Plans to open a GreenFLEX building material plant in Stayton have fallen through.

Clark County food bank shipments from Oregon end

A monthly distribution of produce to the Clark County Food Bank is ending.