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Eugene's only homeless shelter cuts numbers

The only homeless shelter in the Eugene-Springfield area, the Eugene Mission, is retooling to deal with an "overwhelming number of homeless people in town," Executive Director Jack Tripp says. The shelter is cutting down on the number of people it lets in and toughening its drug and alcohol rules.

Oregon OKs 'last resort' wolf killing

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted rules to amend the state's Wolf Management Plan. It will make Oregon the only state in the West where killing wolves can be a last resort after they attack livestock.

Oregon startup outsources work to tribes instead of offshore

Mission, Oregon startup Cayuse Technologies has grown to 298 employees by outsourcing rurally instead of going to India. For tax purposes, the company is located on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Boardman coal plant offline

Portland General Electric's Boardman coal-fired power plant is down for at least a month after a temperature shock July 1 in a 36-inch steam pipe made the pipe fall out, creating a "thermal water hammer." The company hasn't released cost estimates yet, but the accident comes at a bad time during peak air conditioning season. 

Pelican Brewing expands to Tillamook

Pacific City's Pelican Brewing is opening a $1.4M brewery in downtown Tillamook. Gov. Kitzhaber's office helped with a $150,000 forgivable loan.

Oregon helps pot dispensaries go legit

The Oregon Legislature approved new regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries, part of a larger effort to legitimize hundreds of dispensaries that are currently operating in a legal gray area.

Portland beekeepers breeding a stronger queen

Last winter, 40% of beehives in the Portland urban area died, similar to losses around the country. Now, two Northeast Portland beekeepers are working to breed a queen bee that can survive harsh Portland winters.