Must Reads

Portland City Target to open in July

Downtown Portland's new City Target is in its final stages ahead of a July opening.

New Intel CEO announces changes

New Intel CEO Brian Krzanich plans organizational changes at the company according to an employee memo.

Esco drops IPO plans

Portland mining equipment manufacturer Esco is dropping plans to take the company public.

Portland votes down fluoride

Portland voted down measure 26-151 that would have required the fluoridation of the city's drinking water.

Urban Airshop adds 30 employees in three months

Portland startup Urban Airship's rapidly rising workforce drove its need to move into Vestas' larger offices.

Questions raised on Hayden Island plans

The Port of Portland's proposal to spend $130 million on new marine terminals on Hayden Island is raising questions about the economic impact of the plan.

CenturyLink wants to cut back on maintenance in Oregon

The largest provider of landline telephone and Internet service in Oregon wants to cut back on how often it repairs utility poles.