Must Reads

Oregon is the least expensive state to own a car

Oregon is the least expensive state to own a car, based on the cost of repairs, insurance premium, gas, taxes and fees.

Portland mayor rethinking urban renewal districts

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales is considering retiring or shrinking urban renewal efforts in the Pearl District to return $43 million in added property taxes to the local government.

20 on Hawthorne apartments sold for $15M

The high-end "20 on Hawthorne" Portland apartment building was purchased by a JPMorgan Chase investment fund for $14.95M, or $283 per square foot.

Eugene trees fed by sewage being harvested

The first trees grown at Biocycle Farm in Eugene are being harvested. It is the nation's largest tree farm fed with treated sewage sludge, known as biosolids.

Portland restaurant adds charge for health care

Portland restaurant Biwa is asking customers to help pay for workers' health insurance with a five percent surcharge.

Umpqua Bank opening San Francisco flagship

Oregon-based Umpqua Bank is opening a new flagship branch in San Francisco's Financial District.

Portland sues over loo

The City of Portland is suing a Southern Oregon company for copyright infringement for selling a public restroom similar to the Portland Loo.