Must Reads

Portland People's Water Trust initiative moves forward

A proposed ballot initiative to create a People's Water Trust in Portland is moving forward to the next stage.

Focus the Nation takes a break

Portland nonprofit Focus the Nation is shutting down during 2014 to restructure.

Central Oregon job openings are for low-wage work

A recently released Oregon Employment Department study highlighted gaps between job opening in Central Oregon and the rest of the state.

Oregon child care costs lead the nation

Oregon is the least affordable state for average child care costs, with care for an infant representing more than 18% of the median income for a married couple.

Local businesses weigh impact of 'Wild' filming

Ashland businesses are weighing the economic impact on downtown after scenes were shot for the movie "Wild."

Oregon State Library gets overhaul

The Oregon Legislature approved the Oregon State Library's budget for just one year, pending a new plan on how to become more efficient.

Oregon high court weighing immunization

Oregon's Supreme Court is deciding whether the state can immunize children against their parents' wishes.