Must Reads

Eugene 'recycled' glass sent to landfill

Eugene and Springfield residents' recycled glass is trucked to landfills to be crushed and spread on landfill roads or drainage, rather than being smelted and made into new bottles.

Umpqua Bank demonstrates success in recession

Umpqua Bank CEO Ray Davis explains how the company survived the Great Recession in his second book.

Megaload journey delayed

The megaload shipment of oil refinery equipment through Eastern Oregon has been delayed until Sunday.

Intel could get retroactive construction permit

Intel is in talks with the DEQ about a possible retroactive permit as part of its work to rebuild community trust after not reporting fluoride emissions.

Portland unemployment falls

Portland-area unemployment fell to its lowest point in five years despite slowed hiring.

PacifiCorp wants to decommission Mirror Pond dam

PacifiCorp wants to decommission or transfer ownership of the Mirror Pond dam.

Vestas wants to take wind power global

Vestas announced a new program to bring wind-powered electricity to rural areas in developing nations.