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Cover Oregon won't pursue recipients' assets

The Oregon Health Authority is changing its asset-recovery policy.

Downtown Eugene business owners concerned about Kesey Square

A growing number of Eugene business owners are worried about drug dealing and other problems around Kesey Square, an area that has undergone recent revitalization.

Ruralite Services to move from Forest Grove

Ruralite Services plans to move from Forest Grove to Hillsboro.

PDX flying costs drop

The average airfare at Portland International Airport has dropped over the past few years.

SolarWorld says Bosch acquisition will help Hillsboro

SolarWorld's Bosch Solar Energy acquisition makes the company's Hillsboro jobs more secure by cutting purchasing costs, a spokesman says.

Inmate education funding unsure

Chemeketa Community College runs the College Inside Program in the Oregon State Penitentiary and the Oregon State Correctional Institute, but funding is in jeopardy.

Eugene 'recycled' glass sent to landfill

Eugene and Springfield residents' recycled glass is trucked to landfills to be crushed and spread on landfill roads or drainage, rather than being smelted and made into new bottles.