Must Reads

Efforts to weaken unions focus on Oregon

Conservatives and business groups are targeting Oregon, Missouri and Ohio for new efforts to weaken labor unions.

Portland group promotes bitcoins

The Portland Bitcoin Group works to promote the virtual currency.

PERS retirements up

PERS saw its second biggest wave of retirees in the system's history.

Columbia River Bridge traffic to get worse

Columbia River bridge traffic is climbing to pre-recession levels as the region's population increases and the economy grows.

Portland-area homes worth $216.7B

The entire Portland-area housing stock was $216.7 billion in 2013.

Oregon unemployment drops to lowest point since September 2008

Oregon's unemployment rate dropped to 7.3% in November, its lowest point since September of 2008.

Megaload roadblock cleared, protesters arrested

Police arrested 16 protesters trying to stop a megaload of refinery equipment in John Day.