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Oregon especially hard hit by food stamp cuts

Oregon is one of six states with 20% or more of its population using food stamps.

Oregon's aging population hurting economic growth

Oregon's fast-aging rural population is hindering economic growth, state economist Mark McMullen says.

Kitzhaber works to keep Hanjin Shipping

Gov. Kitzhaber is trying to get the Port of Portland, unions and employers to work together to keep Hanjin Shipping from abandoning Portland.

Ryno Motors to roll out microcycles in 2014

Beaverton's Ryno Motors plans to roll out its one-wheeled electric vehicles in 2014, and customers can get in line with a $150 refundable deposit.

Ag boosts Oregon's economy

Agriculture accounts for 15% of Oregon's economic activity, according to a new report from 1000 Friends of Oregon.

First Cover Oregon deadline here

The first deadline for Cover Oregon applicants seeking financial help is here.

Puppet Labs hires Skype's CFO

Portland startup Puppet Labs hired Skype's chief financial officer Bill Koefoed to be its new CFO.