Must Reads

Portland gets 'Harvested by Women' coffee

Boyd's coffee in Portland will be the first U.S. roaster to sell coffee certified as "Harvested by Women."

Kitzhaber limits small gold-mining dredges to 850

Gov. Kitzhaber signed a bill that limits the number of small gold-mining dredges in Oregon's rivers.

New tech lets Oregonians know who caught their fish

A new technology developed in Oregon lets diners scan a QR code and find out where their fish was caught and who caught it.

Lane County housing market strengthens

Median prices fell slightly and fewer sales closed in July compared to June, but Lane County's housing market still continued to gain strength compared to a year ago.

Lucid raises $5.7M for in-pipe energy

Lucid Energy raised $5.7 million for its in-pipe hydroelectric system.

Oregon cheesemakers win awards

Oregon cheesemakers won 20 awards at the American Cheese Society's 30th annual conference.

Hillsboro could get first strip club

The Cooler Club could soon change its name to "Gems" and become Hillsboro's first strip club within the city limits.