Must Reads

U.S. gas prices down 2 cents per gallon, survey says

The  average price of gasoline in the United States has dropped 2 cents per gallon in the past two weeks.

Oregon professor working to develop a better condom

University of Oregon professor Richard Chartoff is helping to build a better condom.

Local farmers hope for jolly, holly-filled holidays

As Christmas draws near, Northwest holly farmers have noticed the demand for English holly has decreased.

Coastal communities have the giving spirit

The Oregon Community Foundation reports that Oregon is in the top 20 states for charitable giving and donations to the United Way of Southwestern Oregon are rising.

Oregon has a world-class mountain bike trail system

Oregon's Sandy Ridge mountain bike trail has seen a steady increase in riders each month, attracting bikers across the nation and internationally.

Official who oversaw Cover Oregon development resigns

Carolyn Lawson stepped down as chief information officer of the Oregon Health Authority.

Venture capitalist starts Bend fund

Veteran Silicon Valley venture capitalist Dino Vendetti formed a $15 million Bend-based venture capital fund.