Must Reads

Indow Windows completes $2.6M funding round

Indow Windows completed a $2.6 million funding round as it prepares to expand nationally.

Oregon farmer sues over raw milk

An Oregon milk producer filed a lawsuit to overturn the ban on advertising raw unpasteurized milk for sale.

NAFTA boosts Oregon ag

Oregon agricultural exports to Mexico and Canada have risen immensely since NAFTA took effect.

Laughing Planet plans major expansion

Portland's Laughing Planet Cafe plans an expansion campaign that will add six locations in the next year.

Penalty for not getting health insurance called a tax

Beginning in 2014, if you lack health coverage, you face an annual penalty deemed a tax by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Class-action lawsuit filed against BP

A Portland lawyer filed a class-action lawsuit alleging BP West Coast Products required Oregon gas stations to charge 35 cents when they used a debit card.

Wells Fargo gives down payment assistance

Wells Fargo Bank plans to help 220 Portlanders with down payment assistance under a new program.