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Employers paid idle longshoremen $1M since June

West Coast employers have shelled out more than $1 million to Portland-area longshore union members for not working during lockouts.

Adidas tops list for efforts to end Uzbekistan-sourced cotton

The sports apparel manufacturer had the highest ranking among 49 brands judged for their efforts to eliminate the cotton in their supply chains.

Oregon food inspectors overworked

Only 68% of the state's grocery stores, bakeries and food warehouses receive a yearly health inspection.

Governor Kitzhaber reenters Port of Portland chaos

The conflict between longshore workers and terminal operator ICTSI Oregon Inc. has many trucking companies levying surcharges.

Oracle Corp. pulls programmers from Cover Oregon

The tech company withdrew 100 software developers trying to salvage the online health insurance exchange.

Oregon Department of Energy approved tax credit transfer again

The department approved the transfer of a $10 million business energy tax credit for an abandoned solar project.

More jobs in Northwest Oregon, Willamette Valley

The region had approximately 7,800 job vacancies to fill during 2013, but most paid less than $15 per hour.