Must Reads

Salem nut drying facility catches fire

A fire at a nut drying facility north of Salem destroyed tons of nuts.

Eugene plant has a surplus of sewage

The Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission's Eugene sewage treatment plant is dumping more sewage into the river than might be good for the environment.

Bend draws national attention, but not big retailers

Bend has drawn many new national or regional retailers in the past six months, but some of the biggest names aren't ready to open stores in the area yet.

Halloween industry optimistic

Retailers are optimistic that the Halloween season will bring big business for costumes, candy and decorations this year.

Pendleton courts drone industry

Pendleton hosted the Northwest's conference for unmanned aerial vehicles, its latest attempt to become a leader in the drone industry.

Public unaware of predator problem

The public doesn't realize how serious the problem of wolves and other predators is for Pacific Northwest livestock producers, a beef expert says.

West Hayden Island options considered

Portland planning and sustainability commissioners released detailed recommendations on how to allow marine trade terminals on west Hayden Island.