Must Reads

Portland maintains nation's lowest office vacancy rate

The Rose City has a vacancy rate of 11%.

500,000 Oregonians have yet to file tax returns

The Oregon Department of Revenue reports that approximately half a million Oregonians have not filed their personal income tax returns.

Plan to open Willamette Falls to the public moves forward

Four million dollars is needed to fund the design phase of the public vantage point at the falls.

Nike's stock buyback passes $2.5B

The company announced a four-year $8 billion share repurchase program in 2012.

Portland health companies to simplify patient data

The city's most prominent health systems are working together to provide clinicians easier access to health care information.

Defazio transaction tax attracts interest on Capitol Hill

The Oregon representative has proposed levying a tax on the financial trading markets.

State expands IT monitoring

In the wake of Cover Oregon, the state plans to monitor about 80 information technology projects with an estimated pricetag of nearly $1.4 billion.