Must Reads

Lawmakers tweak gun background check bill

The House Judiciary Committee agrees to tweak bill to allow short-term lending of firearms.

Gov. Kate Brown: Don't prosecute Kitzhaber whistleblower

In an interview with Willamette Week, Gov. Kate Brown said Michael Rodgers' "intentions were good."

Oregon universities promise to slow tuition hikes if they can get funding

If the Oregon Legislature provides more funding for education, universities will slow skyrocketing costs for students.

Foster Farms joins other major poultry producers in stemming antibiotic use

The biggest poultry producer in the West wants to phase out the use of human antibiotics. 

Starve Ups aims to provide $3M to startups

Entrepreneurial group wants to give investing a try.

How the West Coast tech boom is reshaping Wall Street

Finding themselves competing for talent, investment banks relax expectations for young workers.

Five Oregon cities make list of 'best small towns'

List of the 100 Best Small Towns in America includes five cities in Oregon.