Must Reads

Kitzhaber says budget released on Monday will expand social safety net

An early look at the governor's proposed budget shows that he plans on expanding aid to low-income citizens as well as a bump in funding for early-childhood education.

Portland Business Alliance poll: Citizens want a vote on proposed street tax

The mayor and city commissioner say the people want a street tax, but can't come to a consensus on what form it would take.

Judge nixes Nike's request for preliminary injunction

The sporting-goods company wanted its case against a former head of South Africa over wrongful termination to be heard in Oregon instead of Davide Cardarelli's native land of Italy.

Auto industry continues to consolidate dealer structure

Fewer, bigger companies are the result of several dealers and brands being lost to the great recession of 2008.

Data firm says housing prices leveling in Portland

RealtyTrac reported the median single-family home price in the Portland area was $268,000 in October — down from $270,000 in September.

Gigapan sells off hardware division of company

The company's images were renowned for their stunning quality due to its high-resolution technology.

Newport Fisherman's Wives set to file suit

The group is looking to stop the Coast Guard from closing its Newport Air Facility.