Must Reads

Commerce commits to tariffs on Chinese, Taiwanese solar companies

Decision seen as a move that benefits SolarWorld.

FolioMetrix, of Portland, secures $5M investment

Grail Partners is investing in the "investment management research company" that was founded in 2009.

Sen. Devlin: Kitzhaber's budget flawed

The democratic lawmaker from Tualatin says the governor's budget is risky and cuts school spending.

Last-minute amendments ruffle street fee opponents

The city council's "Tuesday Memo" is under fire as local economist Eric Fruits called the practice "hide and seek."

State's ag industry hit hard by invasive weeds

An Oregon Department of Agriculture study said that scotch broom and Armenian blackberries could be costing the economy nearly $80 million.

CB Insights: Eight companies in 'IPO pipeline'

Oregon's technology economy thought to be the strongest it's been since the mid-2000s.

Eastern Oregon cattlemen look to end wolf protections

The Umatilla County Cattleman's Association would like rules limiting their ability to kill wolves taken out of effect.