Must Reads

Businesses across state embroiled in lawsuits

Klamath Falls sued by PacifiCorp; blueberry growers settle with Department of Labor; Multnomah County commissioner accused of retaliation fire.

Adidas aims to correct its 'America problem'

The president of Adidas Group North America discusses the company's strategy to compete more successfully against Nike and Under Armour.

14 Oregon companies win Good Food awards

RAFT Syrups, of Portland, was honored for quality in "authentic, socially responsible" products.

Pot growers target real estate

An analysis  by reveals 282 grow operations across the state as producers prepare for the legalization of recreation marijuana sales.

City Hall nears deal for affordable housing in South Waterfront

The deal would meet city's goals of providing more housing options for low-income families in South Waterfront.

Northwest companies use online tools for real time feedback

A media measurement company reaches deal with Kantar Shopcom for retail data; TinyPulse tracks employee sentiment in Oregon company.

State legislature releases budget framework early

Lawmakers in charge of Oregon's Ways and Means Committee set the record for earliest budget release last week.