Oregon tax increase plan flops

Oregon tax increase plan flops

A Democratic bill to increase taxes on the wealthy flopped on the Oregon House floor.

That surprising defeat overshadowed the subsequent approval of the majority Democrats’ plan to curb costs of public employee pensions, because it seemed to ultimately reopen two issues that House Democrats had hoped to put to bed on the same day.

The Democrats’ tax bill would have generated $275 million in new state revenue over the next two years — primarily by raising taxes on high-income Oregonians and large businesses. Democrats needed at least two votes from House Republicans to get to the 36 required to pass the original tax bill, House Bill 2456.

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0 #1 PresidentGuest 2013-04-25 23:46:13
Don't I remember last time the Oregon state raised tax rates, they got less money, because wealthy citizens left the state! We don't need to drive people with money from the state, we should be happy to have them
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