Brammo raises $4.5M

Brammo raises $4.5M

Southern Oregon electric motorcycle company Brammo raised another $4.5M in equity funding.

It recently announced plans for a new headquarters in Talent in southern Oregon. It also expects to open a research and development office in Portland.

Last year Brammo closed on a $13 million investment, the first part of what is expected to be a $45 million series C funding round. It's unclear if the $4.5 million round disclosed Tuesday is part of the series C round.

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0 #1 RiderGuest 2013-04-24 18:10:28
Just in case anyone at Brammo reads this, please note that your bikes are ridiculously expensive. I think you missed your target by around $9-10k. My Honda Shadow gets a steady 55mpg, and costs a third of your product's price. That's a vast margin of difference, and at current gas prices, I'd have to ride over 157,000 miles to break even.
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