Oregon considers motorized mining moratorium

Oregon considers motorized mining moratorium

Oregon lawmakers are considering a moratorium on suction-dredge mining.

The moratorium would ban motorized mining on the full length of rivers and creeks that contain habitat for ocean-traveling salmon and bull trout. The moratorium is estimated to affect 84 percent of the state's waterways and would run until January 2018.

Miners say federal law protects their right to search for gold and other valuable minerals in the state's waters and accuse environmentalists of exaggerating the science on the effects of mining.

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0 #1 GOLD MININGGuest 2013-04-17 14:23:52
Lets just close the entire world to people. Maybe that will make the radicals happy.

Time we stop all this save the world crap for the next generation. What is wrong with the now generation enjoying it.
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