Oregon program helps small communities bring tourism

Oregon program helps small communities bring tourism

Travel Oregon's "We Speak" program helps small, rural communities that want to draw tourists by educating community members.

"I've heard someone ask, 'What's there to do around this place?' And the answer was, 'Oh, I don't know,'" says Andrea Scharf, marketing director for Go Yachats. "Someone went to one of the motels and said, 'Know where I can get a good cup of clam chowder?' And the person said, 'No.' Or you get people in Yachats who say, 'You have to go to Newport.' That's really bad."

"Our main goal is to really help communities get organized around what they want their tourism economy to look like in the future," says Kristin Dahl, senior manager of destination development with Travel Oregon. "Then we help them ... get a good grasp of what their assets are and further marketing to visitors."

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