Eugene company goes up against Schnitzer Steel

Eugene company goes up against Schnitzer Steel

Eugene-based Pacific Recycling wants to expand to include a metal shredder, but competitor Schnitzer Steel is trying to halt that expansion.

The Eugene-based scrap metal recycling business recently secured expansion approval from the city’s planning staff. But the metal recycling industry giant in Oregon, Schnitzer Steel, is pushing the city to withdraw that approval, and has appealed to both a hearings official and the Land Use Board of Appeals.

On paper, the dispute is over zoning — what uses are allowed on what types of properties. Schnitzer contends that the expansion Pacific Recycling is pursuing — installing a metal shredder to cut up car bodies, home appliances and other big items — isn’t allowed in the Industrial-3 zone where Pacific is located.

But it’s also a dispute that pits a small Eugene company against one of the nation’s biggest metals recyclers.

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