Portland's 15 minutes of fame

Portland's 15 minutes of fame

Portland has become a national media darling, but where is the city in its 15 minutes of fame?

Lisa Donoughe says she can draw a pretty straight line between work she and others did about a decade ago and, for instance, the GQ article by noted food critic Alan Richman four months ago that proclaimed Portland as the country’s “all-around champion in the category of food and drink.”

In fact, media strategist Donoughe, who runs Watershed, a food and drink consulting company, says Portland’s national media hyper-presence started with a quiet but very intentional public relations effort to brand Portland food and wine industries to national newspapers and magazines. Once Portland’s distinctive brand became known through gourmet and travel magazines, the small-scale, quirky, artisan works of other Portland creatives, from bike makers to indie musicians and filmmakers, also were associated with that brand.

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