Portland developer focuses on art

Portland developer focuses on art

Brian Wannamaker, best known for gentrifying Portland's North Mississippi Avenue, is putting a lot of time and money into the Falcon Art Community.

It’s not uncommon for a wealthy Portlander to support a struggling artist with commissions or grants. And a litany of developers have made fortunes turning warehouses into cheap studios in poor neighborhoods, where painters—between shifts as baristas or clerks—build a body of work and hope to land a gallery where they can sell it.

At the Falcon, Wannamaker does much more. He personally selects the 24 artists—painters, sculptors, musicians and authors—who work in Falcon’s basement studios and live in the upstairs apartments, often rent-free. He takes them on speedboat outings on the Columbia River, displays their work in “micro-galleries” in his North Mississippi buildings and throws lavish parties to get them noticed by gallery owners.

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