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OLCC, city of Portland spar over food cart alcohol sales

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission again dismissed city of Portland concerns about alcohol being served at food carts.

The city's latest crusade swept up Captured by Porches, which runs taps at cart pods at N Lombard and Burr, SE 28th and Ankeny, and NE 23rd and Alberta. The city denied the brewery's permit application in January, forcing the buses to close until after the OLCC voted to rule otherwise on March 1.

The city has spent the past year waging a legal and political battle with the OLCC over food cart licenses—part of a larger fight over the city's ability to shape the rules for drinking establishments in its borders. Saying no to Captured by Porches was just another front.

"It's very closely tied to the larger food cart issue," says Theresa Marchetti, the city's liquor licensing specialist in the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

Read more at The Portland Mercury.

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