SoloPower's promised jobs fall short

SoloPower's promised jobs fall short

SoloPower pledged to create hundreds of jobs in Oregon two years ago, but they fell short of the 450 publicly projected.

It tapped millions in incentives on that promise, including a state tax credit that will net it $13.5 million in cash and leave Oregon's general fund out another $6.5 million. But according to documents obtained Thursday by The Oregonian, the deal requires only a fraction of those projected jobs.

The performance agreement released by the state's economic development arm details, for the first time, two key employment benchmarks tied to the California-based solar panel maker's manufacturing Business Energy Tax Credit. The company, at a minimum, agreed to "create and maintain" 140 full-time equivalent jobs. But Business Oregon redacted the deadline for meeting that mark, as well as all future employment mandates. The agency typically does not spell out specifics, citing trade secrets.