Unemployed outnumber job openings 5-to-1 in Oregon

Unemployed outnumber job openings 5-to-1 in Oregon

Oregon's unemployed outnumber private-sector job openings five-to-one, a new report says.

Last fall, private employers statewide had a collective 31,230 vacancies -- most of them for permanent full-time jobs.

Competition was high: 158,600 Oregonians were unemployed in the fall of 2012, or five for every one private sector opening. That's a slight improvement from the fall of 2011, when the ratio stood at 6-to-1. There were 30,384 vacancies that year.

Yet Oregon's mark remains much higher than the national average, where three unemployed workers compete for every one opening. The Oregon Employment Department has conducted the annual jobs opening survey since 2008.

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