Portland startup Celly reports $1.4M investment

Portland startup Celly reports $1.4M investment

Celly announced $1.4 million in backing from Oregon investors. The Portland startup enables spontaneous social networks.

Celly users can access the network from a computer, smartphone -- or even as a text message, from a bare-bones cell phone. That makes it easy for a range of people to sign on, and makes it easy to create spontaneous new networks ("cells").

"We wanted to build basically the smallest tool that we could build that would have the greatest impact on the most people in the shortest amount of time," said Russell
Okamoto, Celly's chief executive and co-founder.

Celly launched in 2011 and members of that year's Occupy Movement were some of its first clients, using the company's tool to arrange impromptu protests and react as a group to rapidly changing conditions.

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