Oregon Capitol could get $250M upgrade

Oregon Capitol could get $250M upgrade

Oregon's 75-year old state capitol building needs a $250 million upgrade to avoid being destroyed in an earthquake.

Former state lawmaker Gary Wilhelms chairs the committee [that made the recommendation]. He says the overhaul would take years and be so massive that lawmakers would need a new home temporarily.

Wilhelms’ panel will present its findings to the Oregon legislature next month. He doesn't expect the legislature to sign off on the entire project this year, given the state’s current financial constraints. But he says lawmakers could agree to pay for engineering and design specifications during the upcoming session.

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0 #1 Business ManagerGuest 2013-01-29 19:40:15
And where from our already fragile financial status & budget, that is not getting any better, by the way, will this huge amount of remodeling $$$ come from? $250M isn't exactly chump-change, and with ALL the other pressing issues, it seems like an incredibly poor time to bring this up.
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