NEEA works to raise efficiency standards

NEEA works to raise efficiency standards

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is working on building an energy-efficient green home that is still affordable for most buyers. 

“We’ve been experimenting in the program with a pilot for the next-step home. And the idea is to really find out how far you can go and hit what we call the sweet spot, the economic sweet spot,” said David Cohan, senior manager of codes and standards for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, known as NEEA.

NEEA teamed with Energy Star Homes to create the Northwest Energy Star Homes program, a home-building certification program backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that anoints energy-efficient homes exclusively in the Northwest. Now NEEA is using that program — and builders who elect to participate — to raise market expectations for energy efficiency and spark revisions in state building code.

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