Oregon officials against new gun control laws

Oregon officials against new gun control laws

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller wrote a letter to Vice President Biden saying his department won't enforce new gun laws that it considers unconstitutional.

The warnings come as President Obama prepares to unveil a "comprehensive" plan to address gun violence, based on the recommendations from the Vice President Biden-led task force. The plan is expected to include a call for legislation to ban assault weapons as well as a variety of executive actions.

Mueller said politicians are "attempting to exploit the deaths of innocent victims" by supporting laws that would harm law-abiding Americans. The sheriff said he took an oath to support the Constitution, and laws preventing citizens from owning certain semi-automatic firearms and ammunition magazines would violate their rights.

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0 #1 Linn County SheriffGuest 2013-01-16 19:50:16
Amazing and congratulations to the sheriff for an intelligent and courageous decision.
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