W+K picks John C Jay to lead smaller shop

W+K picks John C Jay to lead smaller shop

Wieden+Kennedy picked global co-executive creative director John C Jay to lead W+K Garage, the company's new independent creative shop.

In the new role, Jay will embark on a creative and client-building path that the agency, with headquarters in Portland and seven satellite offices around the globe, has not been taking.

But in describing the Garage work ethos and environment, even Jay conceded the creativity-at-all-costs mantra sounded a lot like how ideas are hatched at the mother ship. The Garage will be different from the headquarters office in the Pearl, he said.

"Dan [Wieden] and I have been looking for a grungy place where we can be very creative, messy," Jay said. "Bands could practice there, sculptors, welders -- a place where creativity is evident."

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