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Portland startup helps create panoramic images

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Portland startup Gigapan produces hardware and software to make high pixel density panoramic photographs.

The Portland startup, which has an office in Pittsburgh on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, has helped make about 100,000 images of all kinds and for many different institutions and businesses, including NASA, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Major League Baseball and assorted educational and research institutions. Now entering it's fifth year, the company will unveil new membership models this year and move further into spaces where its technology can be used by media and advertising companies. This transition also occurs just as one of its co-founders and its chief executive, Henry Hillman Jr., prepares to step away from day-to-day operations this year.

Hillman says the emergence of systems like GigaPan was inevitable. Even tiny iPhones have the ability to take images with high pixel density. Consumer expectation and need have grown quickly as a result, birthing companies like GigaPan.

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