Cannon Beach entrepreneur develops salt company

Cannon Beach entrepreneur develops salt company

Cannon Beach Sea Salt Company owner Jonathan Johnston took a year and a half to get his sea salt process down to a tee.

First, is simply developing the process, which involves collecting water, letting sediment settle out of it, and filtering it before slow evaporating the water off, and then roasting the last moisture out it. After baking it, Johnston also has to package and label it before it is ready to be distributed. Although the process seems simple, it requires fine-tuning – for instance the temperature the water is evaporated at affects the texture and quality of the final product, and much of the salt Johnston retails has other flavors infused into them, which adds steps to the process.

Of course, he also has a number of regulations to conform to in the process. He needs a license to collect the water he cooks the salt from, has to have a certified kitchen, a business license and an Oregon agriculture license. Although there aren’t set regulations for how the salt is prepared, Johnston has to label the salt as non-iodized.

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