UO football team has 9984 unique uniform options

UO football team has 9984 unique uniform options

Based on the 39 images of past uniforms, the University of Oregon's football team has 9,984 unique options to wear.

The University of Oregon’s football team is known not only for their explosive offense. They are also considered to be the most explosive in terms of fashion. It seems that every game they have a different uniform.

So, how many permutations of uniforms? That would be 13 x 16 x 8 x 6 = 9,984 unique uniforms. If they play 13 games a season, that would last them 768 seasons. They only have until the year 2777 to find something to add to their wardrobe or they will be repeating costumes. But if they added just one more helmet design (should be easy) they would get 768 more options. I have a good feeling that the University of Oregon can come up with something by then.

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