Oregon could vote on banning firearms at schools

Oregon could vote on banning firearms at schools

Senate President Peter Courtney expects a 2013 vote on banning firearms from school grounds.

Courtney said it’s likely that the Oregon Senate will vote on legislation similar to Senate Bill 1594, which he sponsored in the February session.

The bill would have barred weapons on school grounds, even for people who hold concealed-handgun licenses issued by county sheriffs. The proposed ban would have extended to community colleges and state universities, but Courtney said he would ask to limit future legislation to schools.

Read more at The Statesman Journal.

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0 #1 Thta will helpGuest 2012-12-20 19:32:31
I'm sure that every nutcase that decides to shoot up a school will be more than happy to abide by a ban on guns at schools.
In case the Senate legislators haven't noticed, most of the gun violence takes place in "gun free" zones. One question I recently heard is something they should ponder:
“Mr. Senator, would you feel safer with a big sign posted in your front yard that reads “"Gun free house - No guns allowed in my house or on my property."”
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