Portland may speed up fluoride vote

Portland may speed up fluoride vote

Commissioner Randy Leonard wants to speed up a public vote on proposed water fluoridation in Portland from May 2014 to May 2013.

Opponents say that moving the election forward one year will limit public debate on the safety of fluoridation. They want an independent scientific panel appointed to weigh the pros and cons of fluoridation before the election.

“We think regardless of your position on fluoridation, every Portlander benefits from having a truly independent scientific review panel evaluate the current state of scientific evidence relating to water fluoridation with a focus on issues important to Portlanders,” says Kimberly Kaminski, the chair of Clean Water Portland. “If the City yields to fluoridation promoters who want to fast track the fluoridation vote to next May, it precludes any chance for a thoughtful and independent scientific review that would benefit all voters.”

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