Legislature meets to consider Nike tax bill

Legislature meets to consider Nike tax bill

Legislators are gathered to consider a bill providing tax certainty to Nike, which could have as many as 69 amendments.

It would allow the governor and the director of the Department of Revenue to sign a contract with any company planning to make a $150 million, five-year investment with a net employment of 500 full-time jobs. The contract could last from five to 40 years.

Debate over the proposal intensified Thursday at a public hearing of the newly formed economic development special committee. The testimony, at times critical, clouded what was first seen as a slam-dunk win for the sportswear company and Gov. John Kitzhaber.

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0 #1 Nike washingsGuest 2012-12-15 16:43:50
The precedent involved in the so called Nike bill changes the basic principles of freedom required by the constitutions of both state and federal laws.
Nike nor anyone else should get treated special and the level of business or employes is not what keeps Oregon going. It is simply the sum of the parts not a bigger slice of the pie that makes up the economy of Oregon and our country.
IF Nike doesn't care about being in Oregon after all the decades of loyal workers and on of the greatest places in the planet to work from then its time for Nike and its employees and stockholders to JUST SHOW US who they really are. The Governor ENABLING Nike in this certain way shows he is weak when we need a strong leader to build more revenue not give it away in a game of don't make me leave Nike washings tactics that are becoming the crying towel of the mega brand globally.
You need balls to play most sports and this game deserves a better serve from our Governor.
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